Airport Dropoff / Pick Up for Lyft Drivers

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Congratulations Lyft Driver! Unlike Uber, Lyft has come to terms with Albany International Airport and has been approved to pickup and dropoff riders at the airport.

There is a specific procedure in place to pickup riders requesting Lyft rides from the airport.

  1. All drivers must wait at the designated parking spot until they are pinged for a ride.
  2. The queue (place in line) is designed to be FIFO – First In First Out, in the order of your arrival in the queue.
  3. Once you arrive at the parking lot, the Lyft Driver app will inform you how many drivers are in line to pickup riders.
  4. Once you get a ping request for a ride, leave the lot, go to the designated pickup area and provide a safe ride.

Here is a map of the designated parking zone for drivers and the designated pickup spot for riders. You can get navigation to the parking lot for driver by clicking the airport icon in the Lyft Driver app.

The red arrow is the traffic light into the terminal area.
The yellow arrow is the next traffic light that leads into the Lyft Driver parking area for the queue.






Dropoff Procedure is very simple – bring the rider to the cub for their airline.

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