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Where is Lyft’s Hub Located?2018-07-02T23:21:13+00:00

Service Desk @ Pep Boys (Albany)
Lyft offers service in Spanish at this site
Lyft ofrece servicio en español en este sitio

1008 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205

Note: Closed 1-2pm daily

Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: Closed
Thu: Closed
Fri: 10AM – 6PM
Sat: Closed
Sun: 10AM – 6PM
Parking and finding us
Located in the service area inside Pep Boys.

SPAC – Saratoga Performing Arts Center2017-08-17T22:03:45+00:00

Proposed Process for SPAC is as follows:

All rideshare drivers to enter and exit the Park from Route 9 which will be the easiest way to travel and avoid causing further congestion at Route 50.

  • There will be multiple signs placed at light poles along the footpath to the Admin lot for guests to follow.
  • The Admin Lot will be staffed by State employees to ensure it is solely used for rideshare.
  • There will be staff members at each entrance/exit to SPAC to help provide directions to guests and provide maps.

WiFi capabilities are being expanded at SPAC and specifically at the gates where the box offices are located to provide better coverage for the rideshare experience.

Can Uber/Lyft perform pickups and drop offs at the Albany Airport?2017-08-29T23:47:55+00:00


Here is the breakdown of the Airport Pickup / Dropoff Procedure.



I spoke directly with Captain Douglas Vogel – Airport Station / Albany County Sheriff’s Office at 1:30 pm Wednesday 8/23/17 to ask for clarification to help clear up some of the conflicting stories and facts that have been an active discussion for Airport Pickups and Dropoffs.

  1. Are Lyft Drivers able to pickup and dropoff at the airport?
    Lyft Drivers can perform both services without any issues or legal ramnifications.
  2. Can Uber Drivers pickup at the airport?
    Uber Drivers can not pick up at the airport. More detail provided with #6
  3. Are we still in the education phase of the airport procedures for Uber Drivers? Will they still receive verbal warnings?
    No, we are out of the education phase – real enforcement will now take place. No more verbal warnings.
  4. Can Uber Drivers dropoff at the airport?
    Uber Drivers CAN NOT LAWFULLY drop off riders at the airport. When asked for clarification, Captain Vogel indicated that the Airport Authority will issue tickets and fines for this infraction. While the Sheriff’s office can also issue tickets and citations and have the discretion to do so, this is something that they are not interested in enforcing since the Airport Authority is enforcing this policy.
  5. Will fines and citations be issued to Uber Drivers for airport service?
    The Airport Authority will issue fines and tickets for both pickup and dropoff by Uber Drivers. Sheriff’s office will only enforce pickups – read more details with #6.
  6. Will Uber Drivers be arrested or detained for dropoff/pickup service?
    Uber drivers who PICKUP riders will be DETAINED and ARRESTED per Motor vehicle Law Section 1220B – No solicitation of services without a permit. And depending on the record of the driver, actual jail time can be imposed. They will not make any arrests for dropoffs, since the Airport Authority is enforcing that portion of the policy.
  7. Who has the final say in matters of the airport?
    The Airport Authority has the final say in all matters of airport business. Sheriff’s will enforce (detaining and arresting drivers) THE NO PICKUP POLICY for Uber Driver’s because it violates Motor Vehicle Law – not because it violated Airport Authority Policy and airport business.  Uber has NO SAY in the matter since they are not a licensed partner with airport.

He indicated that since this was a new process for everyone, that this is a confusing time for everyone. By helping to answer the questions, he hoped that this can alleviate some of the headaches for Uber Drivers until an agreement is reached between Uber and the Airport Authority.

Hope this helped!

~ Tae / Webmaster AlbanyRideShare.INFO

Many drivers were informed with different conflicting versions of this process. And many different strategies were developed over the past few weeks. Information stems from varied sources such as news outlets, different sheriffs, airport employees, and fellow drivers.

Here are a few of uncertain rumors and myths that are being debated:

  1. It is OK for Uber to DROPOFF at the airport, but not PICKUP at the airport.
  2. Finishing the Uber fare on the outskirt of the airport and then completing the ride without being online in Uber. Thus dropping of their “friend” at the airport.
  3. Taking the Uber fare to the Short Term parking garage drop off and have the pax walk to the curb instead of getting out at the dropoff curb.

And a few other methods that is not listed in this article.

HOWEVER, here is the definitive notice from the Albany County Sherriff’s Department concerning this issue:

Thank You Matthew Landry for getting us this clarification from Captain Douglas Vogel – Airport Station / Albany County Sheriff’s Office

USE UBER AT THE AIRPORT AT YOUR OWN RISK – Speculations of various fines and ominous warnings of arrest that will occur as part of the airport’s enforcement have been circulating for some time.


Currently, only Lyft drivers can pick up and drop off at the airport.

If you are an Uber ONLY driver, it is advisable to avoid all trips to and from the airport.

Read About Why Uber Can Not Service The Airport Here

Where is Uber’s Greenlight Hub located?2018-07-02T23:13:41+00:00

The temporary hub moves around from location to location, but it is currently in Schenectady at Sprint Store in Mohawk Commons.

Get Directions and Times to Greenlight Hub Here

Where can I get an Uber decal?2018-07-02T23:14:55+00:00

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